An Atlanta Blogger: East Pearl Seafood

Today, I decided to have a late lunch at East Pearl Seafood which is just across the street from the hotel. This is an Asian themed restaurant with a concentration in seafood. 

This restaurant advertises itself as having the best dim sum in the area.
Here's a clip from a local resident:

The following picture is looking out the window directly at our hotel so that you can see how close we are to them. We are the blue and white building straight ahead.

These pork egg rolls were very hot and deliciously good!

They then delivered me my General Tso chicken which was served on a bed of steamed brocoli with a side of steamed white rice. This too, was SO hot that you could se the steam rising from it. I realy enjoyed this.

If you are a guest in my hotel and would like to eat here, just exit the hotel and go to the left. The restaurant is on the right, a hop skip and a jump - in our same block.

After you have finished there, perhaps you will want to continue on down the block to the Asian Farmer's Market (directly behind Home Depot). They have fruits and vegetables from all over the world and you'll enjoying seeing the different cultures there.

And now, having nothing to do with Atlanta and everything to do with beauty, here is my closing song for this post. It is very inspiring.