Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An Atlanta Blogger: Coke Musuem

My last post was about my trip to the Georgia Aquarium. That same day, I also visited The World of Coca Cola. It sits right next door and is in walking distance. The City Pass booklet that I had purcased, included a ticket for the Coke museum so I took advantage of it.

As I entered the lobby, I gave the ticket girl my City Pass booklet (see link to left or at bottom of post) and she removed the ticket and handed me back the booklet. As I entered the first room, there were ladies giving out free cokes. We were instructed to get in a line and a man encouraged us to begin the count down with the descending clock. When it got to zero, he opened the doors and led us into what I would call an artifact room. 

He would point out things on the walls and in the cases and tell us about them. Some were over 100 years old!!

Then he led us into a theatre where we were shown a short film. After that, we were led into the main exhibit area, full of different rooms and exhibits. At this point, we were on our own to go where ever we wanted. There was a "vault" room, a bottling room, a small theatre and rooms full of exhibits. 

My favorite area, however, was the second floor. There, they had the tasting room with many different flavors from all over the world. And we were free to taste as many as we wanted. AND I DID!

They gave us each another free coke to take home and as we were leaving, we went through their gift shop where there was all kind of coke momentos available for purchase. 

I really enjoyed myself.

This first picture was at the entrance to the tasting room.

In the gift shop . . .

In the tasting room . . .

In the entrance, as they gave out free cokes . . .

If you intend to visit here (your kids will love it) while in Atlanta, It would be so much more cost effective to purchase your ticket through City Pass. Just click on the link either to the left or at the bottom of the page. The museum is also next to the Human Rights Museum and is within walking distance of two Marta stations (Atlanta's answer to a subway)

If I can answer any questions, just fill out the mail form to the right and I will answer you shortly.

It was a great visit.